Giggles and Paint Class

Do your kids like to paint? If so please join us Saturday July 8th from 12pm-2pm located in front of T-Mobile.
Here they will learn to paint step by step and go home with their own personalized masterpiece.
Class space is limited to 14 kids.
All paint, canvass and instruction is included
Ages: 6-12
Please wear an old painting shirt
Call 352-502-0102 to reserve your spot today!
Cost:FREE All materials provided.
Class space is limited


The fourth edition of Audio Game is coming! We will be playing in Via Entertainment (actually the whole mall).
July 29th,2017 starting at 11am sharp!

Ticket Link:

This is our 4th Audio Game event. It’s crazy fun. All you have to do is bring your phone and some headsets to Via Entertainment (ViaPort Mall) and dial into our conference call before 11am. That’s when the special secret guest narrator will start the game and dare you to play along!
If you bring your own kazoo, un-inflated balloon, 2 pennies, pom-pom and ten squares of toilet paper, you can play for free. Otherwise, we’ll have pre-made kits that you can buy for just $5.
Even better, if you’re an Amazing Race volunteer from earlier this year and you wear your yellow shirt, you get a bag of gear free!!!
Come join us. It’s going to be a blast!

1. Dial : 712-770-4035
2. At the Prompt enter: 593449
Starting at 10 minutes before game time, there will be some type of music and notes that the game will be starting soon.
Audio Game will start at 11:00 AM


Osirus Munn is a graduate of Tavares High School. He is a 21 year old college student at LSSC, who happens to serve and bartender at Via Food and Beverage inside ViaEntertainment. He started NRML LIE.F about a year and a half ago. With NRML LIE.F he wanted to make something different, that people will have to look at twice every time they see it. When people wear NRML LIE.F he wants them to feel good like they’re always in first place or progressing in life. Everyone has a different perception of what NRM LIE.F is,(Normal Life) His line is spelled this way for a reason. It is to show how when we grow up we put our own meaning to life so we can live a Normal Life!
So join us in front of Belks in center court from 12pm-2pm July 15th, 2017.